Recruiter, Author & Trainer

"She possesses a drive and determination that sets her apart from her competition."
Charles B Sheldon - owner, editor of the Colorado Springs Business Journal.1992


Kathleen Conners specializes in people connections for job search and developed PeopleHirePeople hunt, contact & ask strategies for job search.  She is a full time contingency recruiter.   Kathleen began her employment career in the early 1990's recession when her hometown of Colorado Springs was dubbed "The Foreclosure Capital of the US" by the national media. Finding jobs when unemployment peaked at 7.9 percent was her forte.  She became a passionate detective uncovering clues for jobs!

Kathleen has been an experienced job developer, outplacement firm consultant, business reporter and a guest lecturer to MBA programs at major universities.  In 2002 after 9/11, she was overwhelmed by professionals contacting her for new employment opportunities.  So the PeopleHirePeople Seminar was created to assist job candidates with their three major problems: “build” a job specific network quick, “discover” companies with unadvertised jobs and “hunt” hiring managers.  Seminar participants urged Kathleen to write a book making her techniques available for all professionals. Job candidates are taught "Where to Hunt", "Who to Contact" and "What to Ask"! These effective techniques Kathleen has been using for the past two decades. 
Kathleen has been a guest on the national syndicated radio David Lawrence Talk Show discussing the ineffective Internet Job Boards.    Morgan Stanley, H&R Block Financial Services, Presidential Brokerage, Jefferson County Workforce Center, and the Denver Financial Executive Network Group have been corporate sponsors for the PeopleHirePeople Seminar in Colorado.  She continues to actively recruit full time for client companies.
Currently, Kathleen is working on a book entitled: Network for a Job: The PeopleHirePeople process to build a job specific network.  It will be available as an ebook and paperback.



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